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Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is one of the leading adhesive manufacturers in India. Furthermore, we promote sustainable chemistry by producing eco-friendly products and solutions that are formulated with an aim to bring out production quality and at the same time, not compromising with the ecosystem.
We offer a versatile range of adhesives like water-based adhesives, PU Based adhesives and Solvent based Adhesive. We innovate formulations that employ a wide range of adhesives to enhance the performance of goods. We manufacture adhesives like Pressure Sensitive Adhesives [PSA], Lamination Adhesives, and Flexible packaging Adhesives.
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

Pressure sensitive adhesives are incredibly versatile and can be found in products like food labels, packaging, bandages and electronics. PSAs are a type of non-reactive adhesive that form a bond when pressure is applied to bond the adhesive with a surface. Solvents, water or heat are not required to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive works well and holds properly at room temperature. PSA tapes are utilised in a wide range of applications, with new ones being found on a nearly regular basis. Because of advancements in adhesive technology, ease of use, and cheap cost compared to traditional fastening systems, PSA will continue to gain in popularity as a fastening and joining option.

Lamination Adhesives

Lamination adhesives are commonly used for packaging food, pharma, cosmetics, textiles and technical lamination. Our Lamination Adhesive is for the graphic industries, mostly dealing in paper packaging and paper converting. At Cosmo Speciality Chemicals we provide both dry and wet lamination adhesives.

Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Flexible packaging is reflective of high quality and high grade products. Additionally, Packaging adhesives also offer efficient roll-to-roll processing and appealing designs. Using high grade packaging adhesives ensures the extension of the shelf life of food products and minimises material usage. Cosmo Speciality Chemicals offer high-grade packaging adhesives like Solventless Polyurethane (PU) adhesives and Solvent-based Polyurethane (PU) adhesive.

Why choose Cosmo Adhesives
Cosmo adhesives are the best in the industry, and here are the reasons why we confidently say so:
  • Better performance and higher standards of quality
  • A range of environmentally friendly adhesives
  • The use of biodegradable materials
  • Emulsion adhesives devoid of APEO and formaldehyde
  • Adhesives range free of heavy metals and Phthalate
  • Processing that is simple to use and free of errors
  • Product design in accordance with FDA and food safety regulations
  • Sticky emulsions without grits or odor and with a smooth look
  • Incredibly strong bonds with a short drying time
  • A wide variety of packing options are available
What are the four types of adhesives manufactured by Cosmo Speciality Chemicals?

Being the leading adhesive manufacturers in India, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals focuses on sustainable chemistry for the production of pressure sensitive adhesives, lamination adhesives, packaging adhesives and industrial adhesives.

What makes Cosmo Speciality Chemicals the best adhesive manufacturer?

At Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, we have adopted green practices to maintain ecological balance through the production of eco-friendly adhesives. Our sustainable solutions deliver effective results without relying on toxic additives.

How do raw materials contribute to adhesive manufacturing?

Raw materials such as methyl methacrylate, polyurethane and silicone compounds play a vital role in creating adequate level of adhesion in the adhesive manufacturing process. These compounds offer excellent durability, water resistance and flexibility to adhesives.

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