Eco-Friendly Textile Chemicals

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is India's fastest growing textile auxiliary manufacturer that offers a wide range of textile auxiliaries and chemicals for textile processing across the globe.
Pre-treatment Auxiliaries

At Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, we understand the significance of safeguarding the environment during pre-treatment process of textiles. With our wide range of textile pre-treatment auxiliaries, we focus on removing impurities from the fabric. With our safe pre-treatment process, we ensure good uniformity and reproducibility to the textile.

Dyeing Auxiliaries

At Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, we have formulated dyeing auxiliaries after extensive research and innovation. Our best-in-class product range offers colorfastness and desired brilliancy in the dyeing bath or post dyeing bath processes. Our dyeing auxiliaries are eco-friendly, non-foaming and non-toxic.

Finishing Auxiliaries

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals manufactures proven finishing auxiliaries that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. The performance of post treatment applications of textile finishing improves with these high-quality auxiliaries. Our uniquely and innovatively formulated finishing auxiliaries ensure reproducibility in results

Printing Auxiliaries

Our high-grade printing auxiliaries work well with a broad spectrum of fabric colors and array of complex patterns. The technical priorities remain on comfort and aesthetic details of the fabric. The chemicals we offer are certified auxiliaries in the competitive market. Our extensive range of printing chemicals is amazingly compatible with multiple fabric varieties such as cotton, lycra, wool, polyester, linen, etc. The auxiliaries impart more sophistication to the fabrics.

recently launched products
We have recently launched advanced eco-friendly textile speciality chemicals such as Superwash POL, Polyst PB & Polyst PLD, SEQUEST DM & SA, and more for the textile industry.
Superwash POL

An exclusive peerless copolymerised Dispersing, Levelling, Washing off agent & Dye bath conditioner with colloid-protective properties.

Polyst Range

Introducing Polyst PB & Polyst PLD, the highly effective range of Leveling and dispersing agents manufactured by Cosmo Speciality Chemicals.

Wetofast Range

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals has launched a unique Wetofast range that will help maintain the high-quality and durability of textiles.


Sequest SA and Sequest DM are high performance organic complexing agents which help to prevent the corrosion of metal parts of garments

Hanatex Soft range

We has launched Hanatex Soft range - a highly concentrated speciality silicone softener which gives inner softness and surface smoothness.

Why choose Cosmo Speciality Chemicals
There are many practical reasons to choose Textile Auxiliaries manufactured by Cosmo Chemicals. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary products in the industry, addressing specific requirements of the client.
  • We are one of the leaders in the Textile Auxiliary Industry
  • There is a sharp reduction in energy consumption, too
  • Water consumption gets reduced to the tune of 70%
  • The water used in the production process has no toxic chemicals
  • The water is recyclable
  • The Auxiliaries ensure more sustainability
  • The softness of the fabric remains intact
  • The end users experience a luxurious fabric
  • Consistency in creating premium quality fabrics
Are all your textile chemicals eco-friendly?

Yes, all the products manufactured at Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, including textile chemicals are eco-friendly. We have an in-house R&D and production team that makes sure all our auxiliaries are created with great precision. By developing eco-friendly textile chemicals, we want to make sure that both our environment and our customers are safe from the hazardous impacts of chemical-based textile auxiliaries.

How reliable are your textile chemicals?

All our products are completely sustainable and reliable. We use only authentic, high-quality, and eco-friendly products to manufacture our textile chemicals.

Why is Cosmo Specialty Chemicals considered to be the premier manufacturer of Textile Chemicals?

We at Cosmo Specialty Chemicals have implemented ecologically responsible business practices in an effort to preserve the ecological balance. We manufacture only eco-friendly textile auxiliaries so as to make sure our environment is safe. Our environmentally friendly solutions provide desirable outcomes without the utilization of potentially harmful components.

What are the different kinds of Textile Chemicals that Cosmo Speciality Chemicals produces?

We at Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is a one-stop shop for all your needs. We manufacture almost all the chemicals required in the textile manufacturing process. When it comes to textile chemicals, there are four different types of textile auxiliaries that we produce, which are as follows:

  • Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries
  • Dyeing Auxiliaries
  • Finishing Auxiliaries
  • Printing Auxiliaries

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