Lamination Adhesives

Lamination adhesives are commonly used for packaging food, pharma industries, cosmetics, textiles and technical lamination. Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is one of the best eco-friendly and sustainable Laminating Adhesives Manufacturers in India. We work with food packaging industries as well as non-food applications in India. At Cosmo Speciality Chemicals we provide both dry and wet lamination adhesives.

The Process of laminating paper/board to lamination film over a high speed machine which gives a better production speed by reducing the time of drying of adhesive. In this process the adhesive applied over film passes through a drying chamber, where the solvent (Water) is evaporated and than laminated under pressure with the paper/board. This reduces the time of drying and curing time of laminate. Our Formulation provides faster curing of the laminate and thus improves better productivity

Dry laminates are mostly used in food and pharma packaging. At Cosmo Speciality Chemicals we offer high-grade dry lamination adhesives ideal for packaging.

Wet Lamination or Conventional lamination is a regular lamination process where the substrate (Paper/Board & Film) is laminated and is stored to a curing before any further processing. As the solvent (Water) is remains in between the laminated substrate which need to be dried and cured. We at Cosmo provide a grade of single point solution to meet all the needs of wet lamination process.

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals are Laminating Manufacturers in India who constantly strive to meet market needs, gratify customers, boost the customer’s business and to create innovative and sustainable products.

What are lamination adhesives used for?

In order to utilize the characteristics of lamination, the applications like packaging food, medicines, cosmetics and textile operations use lamination adhesives. The eco-friendly laminates are often used for varied packaging purposes.

How can bubbles be prevented while using lamination adhesives?

Ensuring the lesser quantity of air between layers and keeping the speed low or maintaining low vacuum environment are some of the ways to prevent bubbles in the lamination process. Besides, adjusting the tension level is beneficial in getting rid of bubbles while using lamination adhesives.

Which industries rely on lamination adhesive manufacture?

The high economic growth in India has led to the increased demand of lamination adhesives. Automotive, building & construction, consumer goods & appliances and manufacturing are some of the industries that use lamination adhesives for their various applications. It is the rise in consumption of packaged goods that has influenced the increased production of laminating adhesives.

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