Eco-friendly Printing Auxiliaries
Printing is one of the most significant of all the processes involved in the textile production. It is the process of localized dying. Textile manufacturing units require printing auxiliaries, which allow a printing processing activity to be carried out more efficiently. Textile chemical thickeners, binding agents, cross-linking agents, fixing agents, dispersion agents, defoamers, emulsifiers, etc., are all examples of printing auxiliaries.
Printing Auxiliaries
Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of printing auxiliaries. We are known to produce eco-friendly auxiliaries for our clients in India and abroad. Our high-quality printing chemicals are used in the textile manufacturing industry.

We have a state-of-the-art in-house production facility where a diverse range of materials, including thread lubricants, wash-off chemicals, finishing agents, and printing chemicals, are manufactured.

We are pleased to be recognized as one of the most reputable eco-friendly Printing Auxiliary Suppliers in India and abroad. Our wide array of products includes wetting agents, binders, hygroscopic chemicals, carriers, anti-foaming agents, and thickeners. In addition, we provide solvents, dispersion agents, softeners, and defoaming agents for use in the textile manufacturing industry. All in all, we create the most innovative printing auxiliaries.

The printing technique in textile manufacturing is used to beautify the fabric materials. The right printing treatment improves the quality of materials, and the proper use of printing auxiliaries enhances the process.

The printing auxiliaries enable the dyeing material to be evenly spread and precisely set in a specific position of the cloth without infiltration, resulting in a clear, vivid color outline while preserving dye and avoiding the negative consequences of traditional paste.

We at Cosmo Speciality Chemicals provide high-quality printing auxiliaries for the dyeing of many types of textiles, including cotton, silk, and satin.

Printing Auxiliaries FAQ
What is the process to become supplier/distributor of your printing auxiliaries?

Firstly, get your business requirements evaluated from one of our experts. After the consultation, we will recommend the suitable ways to become supplier/distributor of our products. Alternatively, you will be required to fill the form available on our website.

Q2) Can we buy your products from Sri Lanka?

Yes, of course! We offer a wide range of print auxiliaries throughout India. Not only our products are compliant with the latest textile finishing, printing and processing guidelines, but also, they are manufactured by using sustainable chemistry. Hence, you can either contact us on our direct number or email us your business requirements.

Are your printing auxiliaries suitable for all fabrics and their substrates?

Well, our textile auxiliaries and solutions are formulated in accordance to the application of printing, dyeing and pre-treatment of the fabric. Hence, we advise you to get in touch with our technical team to discuss how to proceed with the right product according to your business requirements. Some of our printing auxiliaries include reactive hybrid thickener, pigment thickener, pigment binder, metallic binder. Explore the features of these textile chemicals and choose the one that serves your business purpose.

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